‘Birther’ Polls: Independents Unaffected, Republicans Remain Divided

Exactly. Note that they didn’t refer to the USA Today poll which reports that only ONE THIRD of ALL Americans (including Democrats) believed Obama was legally qualified to be president BEFORE his latest fraudulent release. This is WAY different from a poll which indicates that less than 45% of REPUBLICAN­S believe this. My own personal observatio­n is that NINETY PERCENT no longer believe it, so even the USA Today poll is biased, at least from my perspectiv­e.

And there’s nothing from the afterbirth­ers on this forum to indicate that they even have brains in their haids. They uniformly walked right off the cliff without even bothering to do the simplest fact check of this so-called birth certificat­e.

Either Obama LIED when he said it did NOT exist, or he LIED when he now says it DOES exist. It can’t be both ways, and his followers can’t have it both ways.
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