Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘Disgusting Is Way Too Nice A Word For Glenn Beck’ (VIDEO)

But even messynbc is realy busy burying their own truths. They had a poll going about how many people believed Osama was behind 9/11. When the poll reached almost 100,000 people and they discovered that only 27% placed the blame on Osama, they shut down the poll and took out all the comments. The remains of it are at:


NONE of the “news media” sources can BEAR to hear the truth, not just MSNBC and Fox.
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10 Most Violent States In The U.S.: The Institute For Economics And Peace

Sure. I never said they aren’t. All I said is that, as measured by firm statistics like dead bodies which pile up on the street (a figure most countries are capable of keeping an accout of, including the FBI), Blacks are at least 400 TIMES more likely to murder people. This is simply an indicator. Other crimes committed only by Blacks are proportion­ately much greater than that.

There is no other explanatio­n for why FOUR American cities have qualified for the coveted “Murder Capital of the World” over the last four decades (Washingto­n, DC, Detroit, New Orleans, and lil ole’ Gary, Indiana, other than the high percentage of Blacks there (as high as 82%).
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‘Birther’ Polls: Independents Unaffected, Republicans Remain Divided

Why, then, do even the leftist leaning rags conduct polls in which they discover, oh my God, two THIRDS of all Americans DO NOT BELIEVE THAT?

Most likely, the actual percentage of Americans who don’t believe this Hollywood production is 75% or even 85%.

You don’t have a corner on the truth. And you have nothing but two CONFLICTIN­G certificat­ions of live birth, one of which was GUARANTEED to not exist by Obama himself.
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Reuters Defends Decision To Publish Bin Laden Compound Photos

He takes three years to release his certificat­ion of live birth, and says “trust me”. He claims Bin Ladin is dead, and we have photos of every dead body there but ONE: Bin Ladin. Trust me? You bet. I also believe in the Easter Bunny, put all my teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy, and, oh, what was that third thing? Santa Claus, or this former CIA operative runing Al Qaeda?
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