Garrett Berki Killed During Craigslist Robbery

If you really want to study this, take a look at Table #311 on the US Statistica­l Abstract, like the following one:


What you will see is that the RICHEST Blacks in the planet, Washington­, DC (with household incomes THIRTY times higher than that of their African cousins), also have the world’s HIGHEST crime rates, across the board, particular­ly murder rates. And you will also see that some of the poorest cities, like Mesa, Arizona, also have the LOWEST crime rates, with a murder rate of 2.0, compared to almost 80.0 in DC.

What conclusion might you draw from this? That the lower the SES level, the lower the crime rate? Or something ELSE?
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Meghan McCain, Cindy McCain Fire Back At Glenn Beck (VIDEO)

It’s a “bit harsh” to call a fat person, fat, but it’s not to slur Glenn Beck with the foul language people have used on this forum? When doctors announce that 69% of the residents of Saginaw, Mi., are obese, is that an opinion, or a fact?

What IS my opinion is that these doctors are dissemblin­g–that the figure is more like 90%, because there are many fat people who don’t meet the medical requiremen­t of being obese.

Meghan is fat and obese. Since you’re such an expert on the difference between opinion and fact, why don’t YOU tell us which is which?

btw, Glenn Beck is also fat, AND obese.
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Osama Bin Laden Porn Stash? Pornography Discovered At Compound: Report

Most of the rest of the world, including most of Europeans, view Obama as a bigger threat to world security than they do Osama. This was not done to increase obama’s ratings–i­t was done to try to lower osama’s below obama’s.

It did not work, did it. It backfired, as the only bump Obama got was a one point increase in his unfavorabi­lity rating.
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