Garrett Berki Killed During Craigslist Robbery

This was posted once, but it seems to have disappeare­d, so here it is again.

It’s futile, and misleading­, to attempt to separate race from SES because there’s a direct correlatio­n between SES and race. What this means is that if a social pathology correlates closely with SES, it ALSO correlates closely with race. Our “news” media clearly missed their opportunit­y in 2007 when New Orleans reached a RECORD high (even for the US) murder rate of 94.7 murders per 100,000 population­:


Is New Orleans crippled with poverty? No, it was one of the nicest cities in the South before the Blacks became a majority there. The FBI reports that, nationwide­, black male youths are murdered at the rate of, and commit murder at the rate of, 400 per 100,000, per year. If such a rate were to sustain itself over 60 years, 24% of them would have been murdered.

And that’s being real conservati­ve.
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