‘Birther’ Polls: Independents Unaffected, Republicans Remain Divided

Have you ever noticed how little you afterbirth­ers contribute to society and how often your only response is some kind of character assassinat­ion?

There would be no need for such things if you were secure in your beliefs, would there? Your moral principles are based on mass hysteria, and nothing else.

You are an extremist extremely small and shrinking minority who don’t deserve the time of day from this putative Christian nation.
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U.S. Dollar’s Recent Decline Rekindles Pre-Recession Fears

The irony is that killing Osama seems to have accelerate­d the lead sled to .ell for the dollar. It sure as heck won’t help our personal savings rate, which is the only NEGATIVE savings rate in the entire industrial­ized world. Nor did it reduce our record high crime rates, wherein four of the Murder Capitals of the WORLD over the last four decades were US cities
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