2 thoughts on “Keep your woman delighted

  1. Getting a security clearance is an exhaustive, and exhausting, process. They go all the way back to high school buddies and talk to them in a way that makes them think you are in a heap of trouble. My own college room mate, who never brought this up before a key reunion, finally figured out what happened only after he pressed me with some very quixotic questions, after which he blew a huge sigh of relief. They talk to people you didn’t even know you knew. They have contacts in communist countries who note any and all potential communists you have met, no matter how casual that contact was, nor whether or not you knew they were communists. And then when you are about to get the clearance, they take you into an anechoic, tempested, chamber and warn you that when you sign this national security agreement that a possible penalty for even the SLIGHTEST violation of it is the death penalty. Nobody who signed that agreement could possibly forget it. It’s the most memorable experience in many public servants’ lives. And how Hillary’s supporters, who will go to the moon to defend her, are claiming that “well, maybe nobody at the State Department took the time to explain to her that the documents that she was handling were classified”. I have yet to hear them claim that they also failed to explain the consequences to her:

    BUT ISN’T IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND? Wasn’t she the one in charge? Wasn’t it HER responsibility, not just to know this, but to make dam. sure that everyone else there knew this? Isn’t this dereliction of duty by itself enough to get any male public servant fired forthwith, and isn’t this reason enough to retroactively fire her–again and again and again?

    Is this is simply a case of “ignorance of the law [especially by a trained lawyer] is no excuse”? Is this is just a case putting children in charge of a candy store? Or is this a case of putting children in charge of our nuclear, and intellectual property, stockpile–and having all the children of the world cheering her on, and blowing themselves up in a way that makes suicide bombers look like angels by comparison? Don’t you think that even feminazis know deep down inside that what she could potentially do with the next short circuit which could cause a billion times more damage than all the suicide bombers in world history, combined, have done?

    Why did she not know this? Because she never got a security clearance? Is there really any way they would have given her a security clearance even IF SHE had applied for one? which she clearly did NOT. How could she claim, and how could the FBI accept, that the only reason her signature is on this national security agreement, is that when she signed it, she didn’t know what she was signing, much less how classified documents are identified, much less what the consequences were?

    She’s claiming that she was too dumb to be qualified to be secretary but smart enough to be president?

    And American women buy that?

    Was this a short circuit as she claims? Or was this was a nuclear explosion? Can she EVER get a security clearance after this? Is she not low legally barred from holding almost any public office, much less the office of president?

    Isn’t she a lawyer? Doesn’t she love being lawyerly?

    And she loved the law–until NOW when it got HER

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