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Haunting Images Of Detroit’s Decline (PHOTOS)
Huffington Post | Nicole Hardesty First Posted: 03-23-11 09:21 AM | Updated: 03-23-11 06:10 PM

Read More: Business News, David Whitney Building, Detroit, Donovan Building, Economic Crisis, Michigan Central Station, Municipal Debt, Romain Meffre, Ruins Of Detroit, Slidepollajax, Yves Marchand, Business News
In Detroit, the devastating economic effects of deindustrialization continue to push inhabitants away from what was once the fourth-largest city in America.

New census data indicates Detroit’s population dropped by a startling 25 percent in the last decade, from 951,270 in 2000 to 713,777 last year. That’s a 60 percent decline from its 1950 peak population — 1.85 million — and the lowest count since the 1910 Census put the then-promising Motor City’s population at 285,704.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, aware his state’s manufacturing sector might be in permanent decline, has been on a campaign to reinvent his state. “We cannot cling to the old ways of doing business,” he said in response to the newest census numbers. “We cannot successfully transition to the ‘New Michigan’ if young, talented workers leave our state.” Chrysler has been on the campaign trail too, releasing a Super Bowl ad with Eminem titled “Made in Detroit.”

A recent book called Ruins of Detroit depicts how Detroit’s downturn has turned to decay over the last several years: Abandoned hotels, houses and schools line the streets as a reminder of the city’s slow economic decline. The devastation takes on an eerie beauty, as captured by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. The book, published in 2010, depicts Detroit’s urban landscapes over several years.

The photographs show once-lively structures of an American city, now remembered by its remains.

The entire collection of photos can be found in the Ruins of Detroit book, or at Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre Photography

Take a look at the ruins of the city:

Michigan Central Station
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Buff Daddy 1017 Commented 3 weeks ago
“Yes, Detroit is crap. That’s why everyone is moving away from
it. Stevie Wonder can see Detroit is crap, and he’s blind. No
professional wants to live in Detroit. Nobody wants to raise a
family, work, play or start a family in Detroit. It’s nothing
there. Just ghetto, abandoned neighboorhoods that’s ghost town
full of dogs because folks abandoned the dogs along with their
home. Goons running in police stations blasting cops. And let’s
not get started on the youth. Ugh! Actually, do this, go to an
actual grocery in the city and get back at me. Besides that,
every sound mind person knows Detroit is in bad shape. Go to
your doctor and get a double dose of Zoloft because you’re
obviously Coo Coo”

Buff Daddy 1017 Commented 3 weeks ago
“I grew up there. Detroit has some historic gems. There are a
lot of landmarks. The actual Underground Railroad is there. Al
Capone made a lot of power there. It’s a city that is also one
of USA’s oldest cities. The founding fathers revered Detroit.
Detroit was considered the richest city in the world at point
in the late 70’s. The great Race Riot took place there. Malcolm
X was from Detroit, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Snoop Dogg,
Motown, Motorcity, Gil Hill, Anita Baker, Chris Webber, Rosa
Parks was my childhood friends aunt. I’m from there. And I
think it’s a disgrace. I got childhood friends that stayed and
became goons, whereas I left. They are my family and ride for
me. But they all tell me how much they hate Detroit for what it
has become. Me too. The pain of half the public schools. My
friends. I’m correct when I say Detroit is worse than Somalia.
Dudes get they brains blown out day and night. It is a war zone
now. Somalia is a country with no resources so it was dealt a
bad hand since colonialism”

Buff Daddy 1017 Commented 3 weeks ago
“Lol, I even know of two brothers from Afghanistan that was
rescued by SEALs and given asylum in Detroit. But 2 weeks later
they were begging to be sent by to Afghanistan. So, what are
you saying? You’re proud of a city that looks like dirt, police
suck, crime horrific and every news outlet in the world only
talks about the quality of Detroit life,! But I’m wrong for
being honest. Get outta here. I been to a lot of ghettos
worldwide and Detroit is the worst. I’ve been to Somalia and
all other 3rd world countries”

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dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
23 hours ago from web

dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
22 hours ago from web

dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
22 hours ago from web

dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
22 hours ago from web

dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
22 hours ago from web

dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
22 hours ago from web

dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
22 hours ago from web

dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
22 hours ago from web

dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
22 hours ago from web

dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
22 hours ago from web

dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
22 hours ago from web

dennislennox Interesting read. “#Toronto is in its ascendancy; #Detroit is in its decline.” #Michigan
22 hours ago from web

nelsonpowell RT @thedesslock: Tour of Fallout: Detroit, anyone?
1 day ago from Echofon

VANR_LV Is Detroit’s decline due to socio-economic conditions or Democratic leadership? – Zombie Nation – #fb
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christineanne03 Detroit’s Startling Decline (PHOTOS) via @huffingtonpost
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evaanttila Amazing photos of the decline of Detroit | Plog
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DanLacy Detroit had a 25% population decline over the last decade. Wall Street Journal 4/11/11
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nbeaudrot HEYWARD! 10am baseball, the $1B reduction in fact losing people. Despite Detroit’s Decline, Wayne County.…
2 days ago from web

neoblaque @GreenGoddessVV: moving to Detroit and see if I can reinvigorate a city instead of watch it decline // Good for you! We are moving to NW MI.
2 days ago from TweetDeck

GreenGoddessVV @neoblaque its why I am seriously thinking of moving to Detroit and see if I can reinvigorate a city instead of watch it decline
2 days ago from web

EsperanzaPhotos via via @huffingtonpost Haunting Photos of Detroit’s Decline
3 days ago from The Huffington Post

thecwexperience Vanishing City: The Story Behind Detroit’s Shocking Population Decline via @TIMENewsFeed
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wvreport Detroit’s “On the Rise” Bakery is defying expectations in a city where business is struggling against rapid decline.
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nealboudette Detroit’s Decline Adds to Financial Strains
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SKsavepoint RT @tomwfreeman: Wouldn’t a #GTAmotorcity be cool -Detroit-esque 70s, Industrial decline, racial tension, roller discos, bent coppers, bad ‘taches and afros.
3 days ago from web
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Recency |
Page: 1 2 3 4 5 Next › Last » (74 total)
jacobisrael 0 minute ago (9:23 AM)
10 FansFollow
It was not long ago that South Central Los Angeles was even MORE beautiful than Detroit:

http://www ndependent lens/crips andbloods/ timeline.h tml

But now it looks MUCH worse than Detroit!!
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Casa-Giardino 10:22 AM on 4/11/2011
5 Fans
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SHAMEFUL! We should be preserving our cities.
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robinhood1 05:05 PM on 4/10/2011
58 Fans
Become a fan
I guess the city could be used as a movie site if you are making a film set in Berlin c. 1945. Why worry about our crumbling cities when there are so many gay marriages to stop? The US is rotting from within. One day, even the Chinese won’t want to buy our bonds.
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Charles Grimmett 12:35 AM on 4/10/2011
53 Fans
Become a fan
As a native Detroiter my heart breaks at seeing some of the places that were landmarks of my life in such ruin. Contrary to popular opinion Detroit was once a beautiful city, and some of the landmarks shown here were a part of that beauty.

Last year I made a trip back to the city and went back through the neighborho od where I grew up. I found it abandoned, resembling something from a post-apoca lyptic science fiction movie. What was once a neighborho od filled with solid single family homes now is a like a mouth filled with broken, missing, and decaying teeth. While there are still many wonderful neighborho od in the city, it bares little resemblanc e to the vibrant, place where I was born and raised, worked and raised my children. While the changes in the city have occurred over a period of many years, in the last 10 they have been most profound.
The triple whammy of a shift in the industrial paradigm, political corruption , and entrenched racial intoleranc e have all lead to the disgracefu l situation that exist in what was once one of the world’s most beautiful and livable cities. If you want to see what’s ahead for the rest of the country, let the unchecked greed of those who see people working for a decent wage as the problem. You will see their solution and your future in streets of Detroit.
Favorite (3) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it
jacobisrael 0 minute ago (9:38 AM)
10 FansFollow
Let’s be HONEST here, for a change!

This WILL happen if you let Blacks in!

It will NOT happen if you DON’T!
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

traveling1 05:23 PM on 4/09/2011
101 Fans
Become a fan
It looks just like the Life After People show – http://www .history.c om/shows/l ife-after- people
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mmkay 10:49 AM on 4/09/2011
63 Fans
Become a fan
In the words of one of my favorite songwriter s of all time, “All things must pass, all things must pass away. . .”
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it
Lizzy Cat 09:27 AM on 4/09/2011
1 Fans
Become a fan
The truth is that the demise of this building has nothing to do with the people of Detroit but a person who owns the building who sees no value if maintainin g and preservati on of the past.
Our family arrived in this train station in Nov 1963, and we’ve never been able to go back.
We have a stong European heritage and trains stations have long been a place to view in awe.
Let’s stop tearing down the past and repurpose the buildings. She still has some beauty left in her.
Focus on preservati on….not on destructio n.
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mpilkanis 11:15 PM on 4/08/2011
78 Fans
Become a fan
Look and weep at the remnants of one of America’s golden periods, the great early-to-m id-twentie th-century . We were unstoppabl e then with practicall y no competitor s. It’s hard to believe how ornate and glamorous even America’s breadbaske t once was when dollars flowed like water on the shores of the Great Lakes. Whither Detroit? Whither America? I am too sad now.
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it
jacobisrael 02:05 PM on 4/13/2011
10 FansFollow
EVERY place in America where Blacks have moved to in big numbers has met the exact same fate, if not worse. They DESTROYED South Central Los Angeles and it’s STILL: a complete wasteland, surrounded by amazing structures and infrastruc ture. It’s right now happening even in remote places like Victorvill e, Ca., where real estate prices have dropped more than 75% and people STILL can’t sell a single house.
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it
kdcy 10:26 PM on 4/08/2011
59 Fans
Become a fan
Most of this is due to globalized free trade. How can anyone here compete with those overseas making $2 a day and no environmen tal regulation s? Pretty soon our entire country will look like this if our trade policies are not changed.
Favorite (2) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it
jacobisrael 02:09 PM on 4/05/2011
10 FansFollow
I’ve been to countries which are too durn lazy or too durn stupid to take the time to pick dead bodies up off their streets, which is about the only positive thing we can say about Detroit. Except that at the rate the dead bodies are piling up in Detroit, and the way their budget is going, Detroit might not be able to even brag about THIS.
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

Peter Paul Hoffman 09:48 PM on 4/03/2011
23 Fans
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http://www .facebook. com/RUINS. OF.DETROIT
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MadJayhawk 12:12 AM on 4/01/2011
35 Fans
Become a fan
Incredible . Great pictures. Tragic. It didn’t have to happen. The same has happened wherever industries and communitie s lose sight of what is important. Companies get sucked dry by unions and government s to the point that they can no long produce goods and services at a cost that allows them to compete with other companies who do not have the same burdens. Companies are not charitable organizati ons. They provide wages and benefits to their employees and, as they should, profits (if any) to their owners. The average business is not bottomless money pits that greedy politician s can steal money from to fund their latest entitlemen t or giveaway to their political buddies.

Corporatio ns, government s, and unions should be partners and not adversarie s. They should work for their mutual good. Too often those on the left demonize corporatio ns without realizing that corporatio ns, large and small, are the ones who provide jobs, pay taxes, and create our standard of living. Government does not do these things. Government is a leech that lives off all of us.

There are a lot of cities like Detroit in the US. When cities quit working towards making the environmen t for businesses attractive they will lose businesses to other cities that will. Many times instead of trying to compete for new businesses in order to expand there tax base they raise taxes on the remaining businesses to make up the difference . Then more businesses leave. Then you have a Detroit.
Favorite (1) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it
Treasonous1 04:54 PM on 4/01/2011
25 Fans
Become a fan
Yes, and of course there is the other side of the coin where if corporatio ns don’t pay their employess properly, or meet there other obligation s to the comunity, then the population cannot afford to buy their products and you end up in the same cycle. That is why captalism is such a boom and bust economy. You just go from one end to the other because everyone (corporati ons and people) are always concerned with getting more out than they put in… and that is just not possible long term.
Favorite (2) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

jimboy71 11:55 AM on 4/11/2011
452 Fans
Become a fan
What a disgusting screed.

“Attractiv e to business” means “slave labour” pure and simple.

The problem isn’t working people, and their wages, nor their lifestyles . It’s greedy rich corporatio ns and their complete dominance over the political process which led to massive deregulati on.

Put the trade tariffs and duties back to where they were, and American business can employ American citizens instead of “made in China”.

Apologism of the worst order.
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

MadJayhawk 04:16 PM on 4/11/2011
35 Fans
Become a fan
Show me a community that does not do things that make their community attractive to business that is thriving. Show me a community that is doing all in its power to suck everything they can out of the businesses crazy enough to maintain a presence in their community that is thriving.

Face it, you want government to own all businesses . You want the state to dictate how businesses are run, who profits from them, the working conditions within the business, and everything else. When it comes to business the word ‘freedom’ does not mean anything to you.

Tariffs and duties are a two way street. Want a simple example? Look at how much it costs US citizens to get a tourist visa to enter Brazil. It cost a US citizen $160 for a Brazilian tourist Visa (more if you go through a 3rd party to get it). It cost citizens from other countries almost nothing. It costs Brazilian citizens almost the same amount to get a US visa. Contrast that to how Australia runs it Visa process and how much it costs. Simple and inexpensiv e. Somewhere down the line the US and Brazil government s got into a p******* contest on this issue. We all now suffer. The same thing happens on tariffs and duties. We put a tariff on. They will do the same. Tariffs cost jobs. They kill exports.
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it
Qudsia00 11:35 AM on 3/31/2011
6 Fans
Become a fan
Detroit is full of potential and there has been a lot of developmen t to revitalize the city. But of course you won’t see those pictures here as that would take away from the shock and awe of these images. Even though many Detroiters may have moved out to other places to seek employment or better living/sch ooling areas, Detroit as a town is very much alive with businesses and day commuters as there are some impressive companies with their headquarte rs in Detroit, Including GM. It should not be that difficult a job to bring back the town as it borders with Windsor, Canada and a lot of two way traffic passes through Detroit.
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it
Freebrd 09:54 PM on 3/30/2011
13 Fans
Become a fan
Detroit’s decline complement s of Mayors Young and Kilpatrick .
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

dkrypt 10:19 AM on 3/29/2011
124 Fans
Become a fan Follow
Unions priced Detroit out of existence.
Favorite (2) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it
Freebrd 09:56 PM on 3/30/2011
13 Fans
Become a fan
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

mmkay 10:56 AM on 4/09/2011
63 Fans
Become a fan
The United States foreign policies kept other nations down economical ly so we can exploit them and consumer more resources than any other nation on earth, but the net effect is that it became more profitable to employ the same people and that’s gutting our whole nation. Detroit is just a symptom of the underlying issues.

If we human beings would see that all the world is interconne cted and think in terms of the rising tide that raises all the ships, instead of “I, Me, Me, Mine” there would have better balance overall instead of alternatin g between extremes.
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

jimboy71 11:57 AM on 4/11/2011
452 Fans
Become a fan
Cheap s//ave labour did. Please.
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

Nick Riggs 08:56 PM on 3/26/2011
4 Fans
Become a fan
This is surely what the zombie invasion will look like. Scary that fantasy has become reality.
Favorite (1) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

mmkay 10:57 AM on 4/09/2011
63 Fans
Become a fan
I like this analogy, because it indicates the real zombies that we ought to be concerned about.
Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

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ago that South Central Los Angeles was even MORE beautiful than Detroit:

But now it looks MUCH worse than Detroit!!

WHO announces world’s deadliest roads

WHO announces world’s deadliest roads

Rhys Blakely

Few who have dared transit India’s hair-raising highways or dodged the cattle that wander its pavement-bereft high streets will be surprised: the country leads the world in terms of the sheer number of road fatalities — around 105,725 a year at the latest count.So says the World Health Organisation in its first comprehensive report on global road safety, a document that covers 98 per cent of the planet’s population and that otherwise appears to confirm many widely held prejudices regarding national attitudes and aptitudes.

In terms of deaths per capita, the deadliest place to travel by road is Eritrea, a beleaguered African state where a fragile peace exists after 30 years of war. There were an estimated 48 deaths per 100,000 people in the former Italian colony in 2007, a world record.

As in most countries, the number of men killed through road accidents vastly outstripped that of women, in Eritrea’s case by three-to-one — the same ratio as in Britain.

The only other country to come close to Eritrea’s record was the Cook Islands, with 45 deaths per 100,000 people. The tiny South Pacific nation has a population of just 13,325, five of whom expired through road accidents in 2007, the year recorded in the study.

Doing their bit to reinforce the prejudice that the Levant’s drivers are among the world’s most erratic, Egypt (41.6) and Libya (40.5), both long notorious for the bedlam that reigns on their roads, were the next deadliest places to travel.

Britain, by contrast, reported only 5.4 deaths per 100,000 people, making it about as safe as the Netherlands and marginally safer than Germany (6) and France (7.5).

The safest country was the Marshall Islands, whose 59,000 inhabitants own just 2,487 vehicles and suffered just one fatal traffic accident last year. The tiny Pacific state’s other claim to fame: it has the highest rate of leprosy in the world.

The case of Afghanistan, however, is probably the most baffling. In the WHO report, the country, which is embroiled in a fierce war and where large areas are under Taleban control, scored a perfect “10” for enforcing the national speed limit of 50km/h in urban areas. It was the only country out of the 178 surveyed to do so.

Likewise — though perhaps less surprisingly given its share of Islamists — Afghanistan was also alone in scoring the top mark for enforcing strict drink driving laws that permit no alcohol to be found consumed by a driver.

Afghanistan’s perfect scores were awarded by a panel of eight experts from the country – three from the Government and five independents. A WHO official admitted that the the rating “was open to interpretation”.

Even so, the country suffered an estimated 39 deaths per 100,000 people — making it one of the most dangerous places to be on a road.

The country with the most cars — the United States, with more than 251 million vehicles between 306 million people — suffered 13.9 fatalities per 100,000 people, about the same as Azerbaijan, Turkey and Sri Lanka.

According to the WHO report, about 1.3 million people die each year on the world’s roads, while between 20 and 50 million sustain non-fatal injuries. Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among young people, aged between 15 and 44.

The document also confirmed how much more vulnerable are road users not travelling by car. Almost half of the estimated 1.27 million people who die in road traffic crashes every year are pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists.

“While progress has been made towards protecting people in cars, the needs of these vulnerable groups of road users are not being met,” the organisation said.