Highest IQ in Ghana is 106

Forgetting about this ad hominen attack for a moment, let’s ask Paul this question from a different perspective:

2007 TIMSS Math Score http://timss.bc.edu/timss2007/intl_reports.html

In 2007, the highest scoring countries who took TIMSS math were Singapore where the average math score of the 6,018 students who took the test was 610, and Hong Kong where 4,972 students averaged 584. The lowest scoring students were 5,100 students in Ghana who averaged just 261, and Botswana where 5,150 students averages just 377. Seven students in Ghana scored higher than 558, BUT: none of them scored higher than 657. We know that NO Ghanan student scored as high as the AVERAGE for Singapore, whose average IQ is estimated at 106. Seven students in Botswana scored higher than 587, but just like Ghana, NONE of them scored higher than 657.

This is absolute solid statistical evidence that at least in these two countries, which represent a total African population of 27 million, NO Black student has an IQ higher than 106.

Is this MY fault, Paul?