Garrett Berki Killed During Craigslist Robbery

Set to Jet replied: “A classic example of the logic you’re using goes as follows:
As ice cream sales increase, the rate of drowning deaths increases sharply.
Therefore, ice cream causes drowning. If you see why this is stupid, take a look at your above posts. If not, I don’t know why I’m even engaging in with you.”

First, thanks for toning down the rhetoric–­a bit. Second, I’ve got a much bigger and better understand­ing of what these statistics represent than you might ever imagine. But don’t forget, I am NOT arguing anything about “causation­”, because I DO NOT CARE ABOUT “CAUSATION­”. I don’t CARE about the WHY.

The only point that’s being made here is that there IS a correlatio­n, which is something you clearly do understand (otherwise you would not be bending over backwards with your straw man arguments about causation)­.

Even if you were ever to prove something about “causation­”, IT IS IRRELEVANT­. This is not about hot weather, ice cream, nor low SES–it’s about why NOBODY, not even our great white politician­s in Washington­, have ever been able to get four American cities off the hit list of Murder Capitals of the World for more than four decades now.
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