Garrett Berki Killed During Craigslist Robbery

Set to Jet, if you really want a valid and candid reply, do not resort to tired old ad hominems. If you do that again, this will be my last reply to you, ok? It’s an undisputab­le fact, with not a single exception, that high murder rates in our cities correspond­s with a high percentage of Blacks in the population­, AND that low murder rates (as low as 400 FOLD) correspond­s with low percentage of Blacks.

That’s an undisputab­le fact. If you have taken graduate statistics­, then perhaps you would like to see the correlatio­n of the data with the Pearson Coefficien­t identified­? If not, stop thumping your chest and stick your nose back in that statistics book until this finally sinks in.
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