Garrett Berki Killed During Craigslist Robbery

Most likely you really can’t make much sense out of this data, particular­ly since the columns aren’t clearly defined. So let me explain it to you. This compilatio­n of crime data from across the country by the FBI shows that in 1986 as an example, there were 6,896 White on White murders, 949 Black on White murders, 378 White on Black murders, and 6,235 Black on Black murders (for a total of 14,458 murders). “Other on other” is a very small category, so most of those in the White category included most Hispanics and Asians. With Blacks being 13% of the population and this category of Whites being the other 87%, we see that Blacks committed 49.7% of the murders and Whites committed the other 50.3%. Blacks are thus over-repre­sented by 3.8 fold and Whites are under-repr­esented by 1.7 fold, which means that Blacks are 6.8 times more likely to be murderers than Whites.

This might not seem like a big deal to you. But most Americans DO NOT like the idea of FOUR different American cities being the Murder Capital of the WORLD in the last four decades, and this is a major reason WHY they are so concerned.
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