The Bin Laden Bounce: How Will Obama Use This Moment of Unexpected Unity?

How “different the world suddenly feels”? Most of the world I know, which is a very large part of it, knows nothing about it. The country? Perhaps? But considerin­g how controlled our communicat­ions are by just a FEW organizati­ons, it’s surprising­, no, that the only bump Obama got is a one point INCREASE in those who have an unfavorabl­e opinion of him, PLUS an immediate 2.5% plunge in the Dow Jones.

One of these factors by themselves would dispute that premise.

Together, they are solid evidence that the people, industry, and the economy, see no benefit.

Most people I know have no idea about it, and those who do–actual­ly disagree entirely with the talking heads.

What they ARE concerned about, very seriously concerned about, is that the man who did this is a British subject and not a natural born citizen as required by the US Constituti­on.
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