‘Birther’ Polls: Independents Unaffected, Republicans Remain Divided

Another indicator that Obama killing Osama was not exactly the barn burner that the mediots want you to believe it was, the DJIA, which had been increasing dramatical­ly just prior to this, suddenly dropped from 12,900 to 12,600, a 2.4% drop in only a few days. If the stock market reflects anything Obama does, then this is proof that not even businesses and investors are impressed, and most likely do not agree with the stammering talking heads:

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Polls: Donald Trump Unpopular With American Public

Yet a USA Today poll claims that only about a third of Americans DO believe Obama was legally qualified to hold the office of the presidency­:


And USA Today is a VERY left-leani­­­ng rag. Polls from OBJECTIVE sources put you afterbirth­­­ers at less than 25%.

On top of that, in spite off all the heated rhetoric about how great it was that Obama killed Osama, the American public at large is grossly unimpresse­d, with the latest polls showing his unpopulari­ty rating increasing from an already record high.

Which poll do YOU think is correct?
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