Osama Bin Laden Was Unarmed During Navy SEAL Raid, Says White House

The UN estimates that two million, mostly women and children, died in Iraq BEFORE we attacked them (from the blockade). Who knows how many have died since then, and clearly NONE of them had anything to do with 9/11 (until POSSIBLY *he* finally killed Osama).

If the government admits that 5,000 American soldiers have been killed and 33,000 seriously wounded there, the number could easily be 50,000 and 330,000, or even higher.

The 50,000 who allegedly died in Korea and Vietnam could easily be 500,000 each.

The reducation in the worldwide Christian population during WWII of 256 million can be attributed mostly to the ability of our military to kill people and break things.

Of course most of us would rather be on the winning side than the losing side.

But: WE didn’t kill Osama. British subject OBAMA DID.
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