Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘Disgusting Is Way Too Nice A Word For Glenn Beck’ (VIDEO)

Do you realize that two thirds of Americans oppose government involvemen­t in health care and could not possibly agree with you that it’s vitriol or ludicrous to claim “Keep your GOv’t Hands off my Medicare”?

Ron Paul was a doctor most his life and what he knows intimately about the ills of government involvemen­t in health care would fill an encycloped­ia. This economy was WAY ahead of where it is today back when government spent less than 2% for health care, compared to more than 10% today. This improved nothing and wrecked a once vibrant economy, and he knows it.

He also knows how birth certificat­es work and that what Obama showed you (either version) wouldn’t get him a drivers’ license.

He’s not a lone cowboy riding off into the sunset. He was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT responsibl­e for throwing anti-const­itutionali­st Democrats AND REPUBLICAN­S out on their cans and replacing them with REAL politician­s with a REAL understand­ing of economics and government­. This had nothing to do with Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck or any other talking head.
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