‘Birther’ Polls: Independents Unaffected, Republicans Remain Divided

For 5,000 years, the Holy Bible, which is what 95.5% of Americans who CLAIM to be Christians CLAIM to be, has required citizenshi­p by BOTH parents, but lineage and inheritanc­e follow the FATHER. Under God’s Law, British Law, Kenyan Law, US Law, and under the right to free exercise of religion of 95.5% of American citizens, IF Obama senior WAS in fact the biological father of Obama, then Obama is a BRITISH SUBJECT (not to mention a whole host of othe disqualifi­ers, not the least of which is being adopted by an Indonesian step-fathe­r).

What he just released is nothing other than PROOF, in the most legal sense imaginable­, that he was born as a British SUBJECT.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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