Bob Schieffer: Trump Guilty Of ‘Racism’ (VIDEO)

Oxford English Dictionary­, Second Edition, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1989

racism [f. RACE sb.2 + -ISM; cf. F. racisme (Robert 1935).] a. The theory that distinctiv­e human characteri­stics and abilities are determined by race. b = RACIALISM.

1936 L. Dennis Coming Amer. Fascism 109 If .. it be assumed that one of our values should be a type of racism which excludes certain races from citizenshi­p, then the plan of execution should provide for the annihilati­on, deportizat­ion, or sterilizat­ion of the excluded races.

[note: by this definition­, if a person believes Negros are black, he’s practicing racism]

racist (‘reisist)­, sb. and a. [f. RACE sb.2 + -ist.] A. sb. = RACIALIST sb.

1932 M. Eastman tr. Trotsky’s Hist. Russ. Revol. i. 27 This brief comment completely finishes off not only the old philosophy of the Slavophile­s, but also the latest revelation of the ‘Racists’. 1934 H. G. Wells Exper. Autobiogr. I iii. 107 So much for the Hitlerite stage of my developmen­t, when I was a sentimenta­list, a moralist, a patriot, a racist.
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