Anderson Cooper Criticizes Sean Hannity For Misleading Edit (VIDEO)

It’s truly amazing how liberals always go running off at the mouth without first checking their facts. This seems to be a hallmark of how a liberal is made:


It seems that all the proof that a liberal needs that something is a fact is for the spraker to admit (brag) that he’s a liberal. The blinder leading the blind.
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Haley Barbour Out, Ron Paul In: Will Voters Like The 2012 GOP Field Now?

At least Ron Paul understand­s math. And he also understand­s why the Federal Reserve Board is not only unconstitu­tional, but also a violation of the free exercise of religion of the 95.5% of Americans who CLAIM to be Christians­. And certainly Rand does not need to cater to the 1% of Americans who CLAIM to be gay by opposing DADT that the other 99% of us do not want to see dismissed or ignored.

So do his followers. Who according to RELIABLE polls (excluding most lamestream media polls), are as many as 91% of those watching these debates.

Ron Paul is the ONLY reason the Tea Party swept congress of all the chaff, including some who claim to be “Republica­ns”. Ron Paul also knows that a choice between an incumbant Democrat and an incumbent Republican is like a choice between a Pharisee and a Saduccee.
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