10 Most Violent States In The U.S.: The Institute For Economics And Peace

Whew, an even bigger problem with this “study” is that it dinged states if their higher percentage s of gun ownership correlated with the PERCENT of the suicides which involved guns *without taking into account actual suicide rates*, much less the simple fact that states with HIGHER gun ownership rates ALSO have much LOWER crime rates (and in particular lower MURDER rates).

For example, the “state” (District of Columbia) with the absolutely HIGHEST murder rate (four HUNDRED times higher than states like North Dakota) was given CREDIT in this study because of LOW percent of gun ownership (less than 5%) correlated with a lower PERCENTAGE of guns used in suicides. Yet North Dakota, with a MURDER RATE ONE FOUR HUNDREDTH THAT OF DC, was penalized because their HIGH rate of gun ownership (greater than 55%) correlated with a higher PERCENTAGE of suicides which involve guns.


Advocacy work at its WORST.
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