10 Most Violent States In The U.S.: The Institute For Economics And Peace

You missed the point.

Of course the murder rate is included in the violent crime rate.

But when overall violent crime rates are compared country to country, OUR violent crime rates are MUCH higher than most other countries.

So are our murder rates.

BUT there are some countries whose overall violent crime rates are low compared to their relatively higher murder rates. Same thing state to state.

You ought to be asking “WHY” rather than confusing yourself over the notion that it’s not fair that murder rates are counted twice. You OUGHT to be asking “what is it about North Dakota, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and the Republic of Ireland that their murder rates are 1/400th (ONE FOUR HUNDREDTH) that of Detroit, or DC, or New Orleans, or lil’ ole’ Gary, Indiana”.

If you take even one more second to ponder this stat, FORGET about counting murder twice and focus ONLY on what you think is the REASON (hint: there is only ONE reason).
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