Senators Ask Apple To Ban DUI Checkpoint Alert Apps

Table 3 Mean percent of drinkers over five time periods who had experience­d each of the problems related to drinking at least once during the previous 12 months.
82-83 84-85 87-88

Driven a car after having
had several drinks 59.6 54.5 48.8

Driven a car when they knew
they had drunk too much 40.6 37.0 33.9

Driven a car while drinking 48.0 40.9 36.7

Been arrested for driving
while intoxicate­d 1.3 1.1 1.4

Had a hangover 72.3 73.0 75.3

Vomited as a result of
drinking 45.3 46.8 51.3

Criticized by someone they
were dating because of
their drinking 11.4 10.8 13.5

Thought they might have a
problem with their drinking 9.3 8.2 10.3

Came to class after having
several drinks 8.5 8.5 8.5

“Cut a class” after having
several drinks 9.1 10.8 9.3

Missed a class because of a
hangover 23.3 26.8 26.6

Got a lower grade because of
drinking too much 4.7 6.0 5.8

The above is from http://fin­darticles.­com/p/arti­cles/mi_m0­FCR/is_3_3­3/ai_62839­440/pg_5/?­tag=conten­t;col1
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