To Bobby

bobby, nobody believed me. they laughed at me. ridiculed me. the birds falling dead out of the sky,the 40,000 crabs etc. the mass unprecedented worldwide protests. the tsunami,the earthquake,the 4 nuclear reactors exploding. the earthquake moved japan closer to the usa,and shortened the day,and the poles have shifted. who is laughing at me now? Fabs


My Thoughts

hi everyone! i hope all of you are doing good.i’m sure that you all have heard about the big earthquake/tsunami in japan? the nuclear power plant? just keep your love and faith in yahshua. his name is not "jesus/zeus" the greek imposter. i love all of you! Fabs

My Thoughts

the fucken cheese is still flying in wisconsin! the capitol police tackled one lawmaker,and now one lawmaker knows firsthand about police brutality,and being roughed up and accosted.. sometimes you have to walk a mile in a mans shoes in order to see the light. Fabs