Senators Ask Apple To Ban DUI Checkpoint Alert Apps

But this is exactly what the DUI laws are: a dragnet. 48 MILLION American drivers have been arrested under the DUI laws, to save how many lives?

Probably NONE. Countries which USED to do this and QUIT doing it, like England, saw their fatal accident rate DROP, as ours continued to increase.

iow, it would appear that stopping millions of people in the middle of the night and having them wander around by the side of the highways pointing at their noses, causes more accidents than it prevents.

The most successful legislatio­n is the one in which the government solution is MUCH worse than the original social problem.
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Our “Global Partners”


The most irritating speech a liberal can make is to infer that our economic competitors are our “global partners”, as if though Japan and Germany rebuilt incredibly strong economies only to help us, their former mortal enemies at war.  The last DAY we competed successfully in the global economy was some day in 1973, just when affirmative action began to cripple our economy (and all other institutions and systems), at which time we owned 100% of the world semiconductor market and 70% of the world auto market.  After 38 years of this invidious discrimination against White MEN, we have NONE of the semiconductor market and the less than 18% of the auto market which our feminized economists “think” we have.