Is Burkina Faso REALLY a Safe African Country

It’s disingenuous for liberals to proclaim that “some” African countries have even lower homicide rates than European countries and then call someone a liar for making the obvious observation that high homicide rates follow high concentrations of blacks, in the US, and around the world.  When broken down by regions, nobody has a higher rate than Southern Africa at 24.7 (a rate 120 TIMES greater than black-free North Dakota, 120 TIMES greater than black-free Singapore, 120 TIMES greater than black-free Saudi Arabia, and 120 TIMES greater than once black-free Republic of Ireland.  This is even higher than Central America at 23.5 (which is also due to the high concentration of blacks).  East Africa at 20.8 and West and Central Africa at 19.7 is even higher than South America at 17.8, which is only slightly higher (and also due to the high concentration of blacks) of the average of 16.7 for all of Africa.

My Thoughts

the ONLY reason why i got involved w/ the protests in egypt was,because we owed it to those poor people. we were responsible for putting mubarck in power,and a wrong had to be "righted". i do not want the egyptians to adopt our ways,unless of course they want too? look how beautiful the egyptian people are. they was peaceful,the military was peaceful,and what cutie patooties waving their shoes in the air for mubarack to leave. lol i love them. not all of us americans are assholes, some of us acttually give a shit. Fabs