To Bobby

amen bobby! lmao woodrow wilson said "if you wanna make enemies try to change something". lmao ah ,but like in the movie "the bucket list" i found the joy in my life,and i know that i have brought joy to other peoples life as well,so it’s all good. lol i wouldn’t change a thing.not one single thing. 🙂 Fabs


My Thoughts

there are people who are trying to destroy america,and blemish/tarnish the name of "america",and potraying ron paul in a negative light. you slimey rat bastards aren’t going to win! i will always love and support ron paul,and fuck all the haters and the traitors! Fabs

Fox faces fallout over misleading footage before Ron Paul interview–

I will spend my Heaven doing good on earth. – Saint Therese of Lisieux "The Little Flower"