To Jimmy

so jimmy, you wouldn’t sleep w/ me if i was ‘cleopatra"? eh? ROFLMMFAO oh,but you know you like it, that’s why you keep coming back for more. lmao eat your heart out princess rani,and unlike obama who hides his birth certificate. i know where i come from. 🙂 Fabs

My Thoughts

ok now jumping over to israel,and the khazarians. the new leader of egypt should honor the peace treaty,and let this be a lesson to the khazarians that yeshua knows best. when they stole the land from the palestinians in 1948 they invited in the dead spirits of the nephlim giants. thou shalt not steal is one of the 10 commandments. we are all little children,and our heavenly father knows what is best for us. for the khazarians like mubarck have been despots too w/ the poor palestinians,and that needs to stop as well. Fabs