To Jimmy

i said i wasn’t going to,but you keep slamming me w/ these e-mails. what do you want from me jimmy? sex? jimmy,i’m a woman,and you are,well,a boy. lmao you do not measure up sweetie. if there was a construction job that called for laying down 4 inches of pipe,you could not deliver sweetie. so go stand in the unemployment line sweetie,and collect your benefits thank-you Fabs

My Thoughts

oh the webs that satan weaves! there is not enough sham-wows in the world to clean up all the bullshit. we owe the egyptians irregardless what obama says.the u.s. put him in power,and he has to be taken out of power. nobody would want to live under a despot for 1 year let alone 30 years. gotta take responsibilty,and not leave their cheese out in the wind like that. that is evil,and that is wrong. gotta man-up,and face culpabilty. Fabs

My Thoughts

jimmy is starting his shit w/ me again,but i ain’t gonna deal w/ him no more. he is just a little boy. lmao let’s jam out to fergie! if you ain’t got no money, take your broke ass home! lmao ooh the flossy,flossy. i love this jam. Fabs

Fergie – Glamorous ft. Ludacris