Converting LSAT scores to IQs

I decided to use a linear regression analysis to convert LSAT scores to IQ’s. I found five data points from five high-IQ societies that accept LSAT scores. The International Society for Philosophical Inquiry accepts a 178 LSAT score, which corresponds to a 146 IQ. The Poetic Genius Society accepts a 174 LSAT score, which corresponds to a 139 IQ. Intertel accepts a 172 LSAT Score, which corresponds to a 135 IQ; and Mensa America accepts a LSAT score that is in the 95th percentile, which is historically a 167 LSAT Score corresponding to a 130 IQ. I’m assuming a 15 SD for all IQ scores. The LSAT average is historically between 150-151. I’ll choose 151 to be generous. Inductivist calculated that the average college graduate’s IQ is a 105. So the last data point is a 151 LSAT score corresponding to a 105 IQ.
My slope is 1.4891, which I’ll round to 1.49, and my y-value is -119.7679, which I’ll round to -119.77. The resulting equation is IQ = LSAT*1.49 – 119.77. Here is an incomplete chart; the decimal points don’t convey greater accuracy:
180 146+
179 146+
178 146
177 143.8
176 142.3
175 140.8
174 139
173 137.8
172 135
171 134.8
170 133.4
169 132
168 130.4
167 130
166 127.4
165 126
164 124.4
163 123
162 121.5
161 120
160 118.5
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Just say *NO*: to faggot NapolitaNO

Over my career in the semiconductor industry, and as the son and grandson of career US Army and US Naval Officers, I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the world, all the way from Texas to Virginia to Germany to Ireland to Russia to Iran to Africa to Vietnam to Korea to China to Japan and back to California.  In ALL that time, the only place I EVER heard of “terrorism” was in my very own country, articulated by my very own countrymen.  This is not even a *concept* in most languages I know and speak and NONE of my brethren in Russia or Ireland or Europe, nor my friends in Asia and Iran, can even grasp the concept of being victims of terrorism in the way that my fellow Americans feel they are victims of terrorism.  I’ve had a long time to ponder why it is that it was only OUR airplanes which were hijacked to Cuba even WITH the most pervasive airport security ever known in history while NO OTHER airline on the planet in countries with ZERO security had even ONE hijacking.  And this was before NapolitaNO’s recent declaration that I should find it perfectly acceptable that her nigger TSA agents stick their hands in my Grandmothers’ underwear for my “safety”.

As a sort of test of all the bad news we’ve heard about how strict TSA’s airport security is, I showed up at LAX a full two hours ahead of time with an 8 inch pair of very sharp scissors in my briefcase, only to discover that nobody even noticed them, not even when my briefcase was sent through their brand new shiny expensive super duper scanner.  From that point forward, through Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Heathrow in London, Dublin, Latvia, Frankfurt, Greece, Dubai, Russia, and Finland, through 8 different foreign airlines, I never even SAW such a scanner, and the very few customs agents who managed to locate that terrorist weapon in my briefcase looked at it with the grandest look of—sheer boredom.

As you suspected when you began to read this story, it does not have a happy ending.  It was on the return trip from Schiphol Airport, the very airport I flew INTO with this terrorist tool in my briefcase, and flew OUT of to several European and FORMER communist countries, with no incident, that DUTCH gate agents suddenly recognized it for the terrorist tool that it is. This last leg of my trip was in a huge fully loaded jetliner which was only seconds away from backing away from the gate when these thoroughly terrorized [it sure seemed like a great act] gate agents took the bold step of merely seizing this terrorist weapon and letting me board the flight.

Why, then, is it OUR airlines which are the subject of so much terrorism while NONE of these numerous airlines even uttered such a phrase, much less gave anyone the slightest indication that they even CARED if someone even got an inkling of an idea of hijacking something or someone?  Is it that TSA is a self-fulfilling prophecy—or is it much worse than that?

Having traveled to Cuba perfectly safely and legally, I could never grasp why it is that anyone would risk hijacking an airliner to get there.  And I could never quite grasp why it is that every time it happened, our entire news industry not only dedicated every single electron to the issue for days on end, but they did it in complete concord and unison—iow, they all seemed to follow the script to a tee without varying from it by even one sound byte. And now we have a repeat performance which has been executed with such perfection that 81% of Americans are willing to give up all liberty in a futile attempt to gain a few seconds of security, as if though Northwoods never happened.


100% agreed, of course. And it’s not merely your opinion, as the following is perfect proof:

John Knight

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It has something to do with IQ Level. Higher the IQ, lesser the Fatal Accidents. Africans have the lowest IQ. 2nd lowest are Arabs, 3rd people of Indian Sub Continent.
Some orientals have pretty high IQ but the White Race is the most inventive.