Obama a Socialist?-2nd request

It’s not correct to call obama a socialist. It’s not even correct to call him a communist. It’s much, much worse than that.

There’s no provision in the US Constitution for the government to provide what we now euphemistically call “health care”, and it’s 100% contrary to every single page of the Holy Bible. Obama is an anti-Christ, and this last election just proved to you that most Americans realize this. BEFORE obama was “elected” we already spent more than 14% of GDP for “health care”, up four fold since 1950, and two to four times as much as most other countries spend even though most of them have life expectancies four or five years longer than WHITES in this country. We passed the point of diminishing returns in 1960 and this “health care” system is already a monster out of control which has no future other than to become just like the one in Russia which provides NOTHING for Russian people, consumes 33% of GDP, and left the average Russian man with a life expectancy less than 59 years and still dropping.

Do the Republicans know this? Most of them do. Will they do anything about it? Probably not—even though their very own SCRIPTURE commands them to ship this shiftless nigger off to Africa at their very first opportunity for a MILLION different crimes, not the least of which are LYING about getting degrees from Columbia University and Harvard where he never even WENT to.

John Knight

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Subject: Re: Obama a Socialist?-2nd request

Socialized medicine? Socialism movement began with FDR. My grandfather was al for it even tho he was a republican. I’m guessing it has to do with the Stephenites who emigrated to along the Mississippi. Can’t come up with the proper link any more.

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Can someone please comment??

Subject: Re: Obama a Socialist?

I have a serious question about that as my friends claim he is a socialist based on his programs however the argument can be made as well for previous republican presidents.
Can you give ma an example of how he is a socialist?


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