kiddo kol’s estate in Las Cruces

<<< If Viva’s daughter murdered someone, Viva would rage at the police that they’d better just go down the block to see Mary Jane, who is also a murderer. When you get finished investigating Mary Jane, then maybe I’ll listen. Or maybe I won’t.>>>

You’re way too kind.

Viva will NEVER admit that “maybe I’ll listen” that the pope is a pedophile.

Not even after they’ve done the DNA test to prove that the sperm up a 12 year old boy’s butt was the pope’s will she ever admit it.

Not even if “cardinal laws” digital photos of him and the pope screwing boys were suddenly leaked to the internet will she ever admit it.

Not even AFTER he’s found *GUILTY AS HELL* IN A COURT OF LAW will she ever admit it.

John Knight

Ps—kikeaholics like her put the pope ahead of MARY, who they put WAY before Jesus, who they consider to be nothing but a hermaphrodite god who birthed himself.

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Subject: Re: kiddo kol’s estate in Las Cruces

He is a man of substance, all right. The substance one finds in excreta.. Reminds me of John Wayne Gacy’s.

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