Happy Obama Day

Dear John,

I understand your situation, and thank God that you are still around to fight the good fight.

For each story like yours, though, I can tell four stories about men who were killed, intentionally, by jew medicine, like my own father who was killed in a VA hospital as the result of a SIMPLE operation that went wrong, my father-in-law who met a similar fate in an American hospital in Panama, and my good friends Dr. Daniel Amneus and Willie Martin who would still be alive had they taken my advice to get private health care rather than stick with the government-sponsored care they died early from.

“social security” was already a fraud before obamabanananiggercare, as two thirds of this “retirement” fund was already paid to those who never contributed to it in the first place or who aren’t retired. I know illegal aliens who receive more social security “benefits” than the WHITE men who contributed to it AND are retired, yet if the AVERAGE White man who was forced to “contribute” to it had instead been able to put that amount into a simple bank account with an average interest rate over his career, he would now have $1.2 million in his own bank account (as the average German or average Japanese man now has):

Instead, that money is being used by government to sponsor the destruction of the White Race, as you know.


John Knight

From: John Hansen [mailto:majorhart@sbcglobal.net]
Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2010 8:44 AM
To: Jacob Israel
Subject: Re: Happy Obama Day

I agree about the jew part but I’m not with you on the social programs.

John I would be DEAD now if not for veterans benefits. I had a bad and rapidly failing heart due to a bad aortic valve. I couldn’t even catch my breath when sitting still.

My heart couldn’t push enough to clear my lungs.

Now I can walk more than two miles a day on my treadmill and I lift weights – as I have for 55 years.

Without veterants benefits I would have had a max of 3 years to live and as an invalid all that time.

I’m not for unlimited welfare to mothers that just have babies to get more welfare – but if you had a need and couldn’t afford – I’d want to be there collectively for you.

I’m a pretty good jew fighter and you would have lost a patriot allie.

Those who hate social programs are my enemies and they are just as bad as the jews and niggers

And of course – a lot of them ARE jews.

John Hansen

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