(United Nation) Human Right Activist Dept
On Debts Reconciliation On Foreign Payment Matters,
Unit B1, 50 Bank Street London E14 5NS,
London, United Kingdom.


Attention: Beneficiary,

I am Mr. Kenneth Thomas, the newly appointed national security adviser to the United Nations Owed Debts Payment Recovery Commission Representative, here in London United Kingdom. I am whole heartedly delighted to inform you that the Contract/Inheritance and Lotto panel for unclaimed fund which is seating in London, United Kingdom territory just released your name amongst the presently approved beneficiaries to benefit from the diplomatic immunity payment. This panel was primarily delegated to investigate and to genuinely pay all debts and claims as it has eaten deep into the economy of the Great Britain-London.

However, we wish to bring to your urgent notice that your payment profile is still reflecting in our central computer as unclaimed fund Emanated from Banks in Africa and Europe in my department where I work to the (UN) office while auditing was going on today. Your file was forwarded to my office by the chief auditors as unclaimed fund. At this moment, I wish to use this medium to inform you that for the time being the Great Britain-London has stopped further payment through bank to bank transfer which you were previously having with the Authority from the Originated country where your fund was sent from that country in Africa and Europe over a period of time now due to numerous petitions received from the FBI,IMF and other financial and security agencies to monitoring the UK Government against their banks on wrong payment and diversion of funds to different account in many dimensions.

In this regards, I am going to use my good office to send you your part payment in the tune of $6,000,000.00 (Six Million United States Dollars) only by cash to you via a universal immunity diplomatic means. In process of doing that, I will personally secure every needed documents as a representative of the (UN) office now to cover the money been your yet unclaimed payment which is now in London United-Kingdom including the legit affidavit to claim this very particular payment from the British high court here in London UK and also with a clearance which will bestow the right and legit privilege to you as the rightful beneficiary who is to receive this payment after meeting up with the delivery requirement as the law stipulates which are the documents I’m securing for you right now once you accept to finalize this transaction with me only.

All these will be only on the condition that you will give me only 10% out of the funds which is just ($600,000.00) Out of $6,000,000.00 you are to receive as soon as you receive the money at your door step which will come to you in the form of a consignment method.

Note: The money will be coming on 2 security proof boxes The boxes are already sealed with synthetic nylon seal and padded with machine by the management of this organization and I also want you to know that the management is not aware of my personal plans or arrangement with you in this transaction, so you have to keep this as a very top secret between the both of us till me and you are able to conclude this very transaction completely. This fund was released to us from the World Bank special delegates who visited the British Government Prime Minister’s Confidential Secretary Office in London on Wednesday and found out that they are doing nothing to help you in this matter because the funds itself was meant for our local AFEM market here in the UK hence it was not claimed as supposed while dumped here London UK.

But you don’t have to worry about anything, as the transaction is 100% risk free and will remain legit as long as you work with me transparently. The boxes are coming with a diplomatic agent assigned by the management of this organization who will accompany the boxes to your home address or any address you will provide to me to enable us complete this transaction. All you need to do now upon your willing acceptance of my condition, is to send to me a guarantee that you will give me 10% of the funds as soon as you receive the $6,000,000.00 and your full house address and your identity such as, international passport or driver’s license including your personal contact phone numbers which must be a working number, the diplomats attached will travel with it.

He will call you immediately he arrives in your country’s airport. He will call you for you to give him little financial assistance to get the consignment cleared from the custom at your country airport. And I hope you understand each and every point that I’ve made known to you in this email message am sending you now, if you have any question please feel free to ask me for clarity.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: for security reasons and to also enable the both of us to conclude this very transaction successfully, note that the diplomat coming with the consignment boxes will not know the original contents inside the boxes that he will be delivering to you. So what l and our accredited management here will declare to him that is inside the consignment boxes is sensitive photographic film material and some classified voluminous confidential company’s contract documents.

Please, I need your urgent reply on this issue.


Highly Submitted.

Respectfully Yours in-service,

Mr. Kenneth Thomas.
(UN) Human Right Activist
In-charge Of All Pending Consignment/Fund Release.
Unit B1, 50 Bank Street London E14 5NS
London, United Kingdom.


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