O’Reilly Pays Legal Bill for Fallen Marine’s Father

Why is it that almost EVERY moron on this list has yet to read or understand the following:

<<< They contended that the protest was directed not at Snyder but at the U.S. government and its tolerance of homosexuality and gays in the military.>>>

That’s ALL you need to know about Phelps to understand his ENTIRE agenda.

This is ALL the appellate judge said, and this is all the Supreme Cult needs to know.

Instead, what you *morons* are doing is listening to what a few kikes and feminazis “think” they “know”, as if though easily beguiled whores like them have something worthwhile to contribute to society or education or morals or principles!

They’re useless eaters. Their “opinions” and a dime won’t buy you a cup of coffee. There’s utterly nothing they ever say that’s of any redeeming social value. You’d be better off quoting porno movies than quoting them, much less *believing* them:


John Knight

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Subject: Re: O’Reilly Pays Legal Bill for Fallen Marine’s Father

Judy, that was a comment I found with the article by Leonard Pitts, Jr. Apparently he and the retards around him have quite a reputation. The other comment was similar. Even John Hansen despises them. (!) I had never heard of them till the last couple of weeks.

Phelps’s behavior is sociopathic

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