Happy Obama Day

<<<"Capitalism (heavily regulated) is okay but capitalism unregulated and in charge of governments – is Fascism."

What nonsense in that statement!>>>

I can’t believe the number of “fellow Americans” on this list who don’t have this basic understanding of Economics 101!

Thank you for setting the record straight, Don Frederick.


John Knight

Ps—can we even *imagine* just how BAD things can get by letting such ignoramuses with NO understanding of capitalism have the vote? What GOOD can possibly come out of their brains, much less their mouths?!

From: Don Fredrick [mailto:colony14@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, April 02, 2010 8:59 AM
To: Mark Ferran
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Subject: Re: Happy Obama Day

"Capitalism (heavily regulated) is okay but capitalism unregulated and in charge of governments – is Fascism."

What nonsense in that statement!

Capitalism is an economic system with a free market and open competition. Goods are produced and services are performed for profit, labor is performed for wages, and the means of production are privately owned.

If it is "heavily regulated" it is no longer capitalism or a free market – it is a "mixed economy," with some elements of capitalism and some elements of government coercion… with the amounts of each decided upon by the government through the use of force.

Unregulated capitalism can, by nature, not be in charge of government; it would then not be capitalism.

To blame capitalism for the failures of government is absurd, but it is of course done all the time by those who believe in big government.

People often blame high prices on monopolies, and in turn blame the monopolies on capitalism. But it is only government that can maintain a monopoly. High cable TV prices are the result of government, not business, because the local community officials grant the power of the monopoly to the cable company. Competition would lower prices and improve service, but the government prevents that by granting special privileges to one company. In a free market, no company can maintain a monopoly and abuse the customers; it would quickly be faced with competition from new companies that know they can win those customers with lower prices and/or better service.

People also complain about high prices for housing and automobiles… two industries where unions are powerful. But it is government intervention in the economy that grants special privileges to labor unions, protecting their workers from the competition that would result in lower prices for everyone.

Wherever you see distortions in the marketplace, the government is involved.

Government regulations do little except protect stupid people from the consequences of their own actions. The rest of us do not need them. I do not need the government to put labels on automobile batteries warning me not to drink the acid inside. I do not need the government to tell me that eating fast food for 21 meals each week is unhealthy. And I damn sure do not want the government telling me how often I may flush my toilet, or that I must replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent bulb! (You can bet that the regulators and Al Gore are now stockpiling incandescent bulbs.)

And for those who are tempted to bring up names like Bernie Maddof as "proof" that capitalism does not work, let me say that Maddof is not a capitalist, he is a criminal – just as Charlie Rangle is not a statesman, he is a crooked politician. When the CEO of a large corporation refuses to fight government rules and regulations that will cripple his business, he ceases to be a capitalist… and becomes a "useful idiot" and pawn of the state. When the CEO of General Electric agrees to support ObamaCare not because it is good for the country (it is not) or the right thing to do (it is not), but because he can make a fortune selling the government the systems needed to maintain illegal federal control over the private health care records of all Americans, he is not a capitalist… he is a traitor to capitalism and the United States of America. (GE also supports Obama’s "cap and trade" nonsense because it stands to make money selling wind turbines. Again, that makes the GE CEO a traitor, not a capitalist. He is selling out his country by supporting unconstitutional and unjustifiable legislation in order to pad his wallet.)

Fascism is a system where the government exerts excessive control over citizens through censorship, and excessive control over businesses through rules, regulations, and taxes. That censorship and control is maintained through the force of government, not from power obtained at the grocery store checkout counter. Socialism is the next step after fascism, where the government not only controls the means of production, it also owns it.

The scheme is simple: The leftists slowly gain power over the years; they enact regulations that destroy businesses; they then argue that capitalism is the cause of those economic problems as an excuse to enact even more controls; as the economic problems worsen the government engages in actions like censorship and martial law to "control" the angry population; the government then takes complete control over industries after they claim the free market failed. (Of course it failed! It was not permitted to function!)

It’s a great scheme that typically works, because it takes place gradually and most people are too stupid to see it coming.

Many people in the Tea Party see it coming. That is why they oppose higher taxes even if those taxes are only imposed on those who are wealthier than they are. They understand how the leftists slowly take control, moving society from a free market, to a mixed economy, to fascism, and then to socialism. The process is gradual, with socialism and fascism taking over portions of the society and the economy at different levels and paces. Federal ownership of the automobile industries is socialism; the feds own the companies. The federal takeover of the health industry is fascism; the feds do not own the companies or the physician practices, but they control them.

Those who argue that socialism is left-wing and fascism is right-wing are wasting their time. Socialism and fascism are merely different degrees of the same thing: government control over the citizenry. The Obama administration is engaging in some socialist activities and some fascist activities. We need not waste time charting the percentages of each; we should spend that time resisting his actions.

After all, does it matter to a physician that the Obama administration has only taken ownership of General Motors but has not claimed "ownership" of his private practice? That doctor’s actions and livelihood will now be controlled almost entirely by the the Secretary of Health and Human Services! Does it matter that the lease to his office was signed by him and not Kathleen Sebelius?

We would all be better off spending less time discussing what label to use when the government is abusing its power and more time discussing what to do about it. It is clear from the actions of government over the last few decades – and the last 14 months in particular – that if we do not act soon to protect our liberties we may not even be free to hold those discussions.

On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 11:02 PM, Mark Ferran <mferran> wrote:

History, common sense, and Wiki indicate that "Fascism is a dictationship designed to promote the interests of the [DICTATOR using] corporations against the people."

"Mussolini claimed that Italian Fascism’s economic system of corporatism could be identified as either state capitalism or state socialism, which in either case involved ‘the bureaucratisation of the economic activities of the nation.’"

In Facism corporations do "the bidding of the" Dictator, not the other way around.

Fascist dictators "believe … that a merit-based aristocracy of experienced military persons must rule through regimenting a nation’s forces of production and securing the nation’s independence."


"A key authoritarian element of fascism is its endorsement of a prime national leader, who is often known simply as the "Leader" or a similar title, such as: Duce in Italian, Führer in German, Caudillo in Spanish, Poglavnik in Croatia, or Conducător in Romanian. "

In Fascism, the corporations are merely instruments for controlling production, and have no indpendent will.

Richard Griffiths argued in 2005 that "fascism" is the "most misused, and over-used word, of our times".The American-Left turns the reality completely around to suit their own anti-corporation Communist propaganda, and asserts that in Fascism corporations control the "dictatorship" which is totally absurd on its face.

Spanish leader José Antonio Primo de Rivera was critical of both left-wing and right-wing politics, once saying that "basically the Right stands for the maintenance of an economic structure, albeit an unjust one, while the Left stands for the attempt to subvert that economic structure, even though the subversion thereof would entail the destruction of much that was worthwhile".

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