Putin kicked out the jews

<<<<<<<<<< Today the Russians weep when they think of the horrible crime. "Only the Jews would have been capable of such a terrible bloody crime" stated a participant in the memorial mass in front of the Church of the Blood that was held in Yekaterinburg in 2008.>>>>>>

This is absolutely correct:


It’s also absolutely correct that the only race on the planet which is so sexually confused that they can’t even tell the difference between men and women, believing that “gay marriage” is utterly normal and routine, are jews:



What an utterly *stupid* race this is!

It’s great that this article mentions Gussinski and Berezovsky, the filthy kikes who the Russians HATE for trying to bring American TV to Russia. But it’s unfortunate that it failed to mention kike Khodokorvski who stole Yukos Oil from the Russians, who Putin imprisoned for 12 years. I was in St. Petersberg the day Khodokorvski was thrown into solitary confinement for disobeying prison rules, which made Nevsky Prospekt look like Mardi Gras.

John Knight

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