Pope accused of failing to act on sex abuse case

Wow. All that “schooling” and none of you ever learned what a whore is, or what the punishment for sodomy is, or how to hold a civil discussion with real Christians/Israelites?

Could this be why your lil’ “catholic church” is weeks away from complete and total, moral and financial, bankruptcy? Could your worshiping the pagan concept of a trinity be why it’s no longer true that the sun never sets on the British Empire? Is this why THOUSANDS of sodomites pretending to be “priests” have gotten away scot-free with sexually molesting little boys around the globe, as your fairy pope runs around in a dress, preaching the benefits of sodomites, pretending to be a “man”?


John Knight

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Subject: Re: Pope accused of failing to act on sex abuse case

You’re the one who is twisted, Fuller. I was educated by the Holy Faith Sisters in elementary school, and then in private school I was educated by the Loreto Sisters – all ladies and very highly educated.

I know you would like to think I was surrounded by horrible scandals, but I’m sorry to disappoint your sordid little mind.

And to compound my value for these ladies, I sent my own daughter to the Loreto Sisters here in Canada for her high school education – which resulted in her later attending one of Canada’s most prestigious universities, Queen’s.

Sorry to disappoint you. Weep!

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