Pope accused of failing to act on sex abuse case

<<< As head of the Vatican office dealing with sex abuses, the. then Cardinal Ratzinger allegedly did not respond to letters from an archbishop on the case.
A Church trial of the priest was halted after he wrote to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger pleading ill health.

As a parent, it’s stunning to realize just how trivial these “church leaders” view sexual abuse of children to be. It was impossible to digest the following from the new Pope when he had the chance to come clean, but instead buried his head in the sand, dug his heals in, and hoped it would just go away:

“. it could prove extremely useful that the general congregation reaffirm . especially . the pastoral care of homosexual persons”

This statement was buried in a whole bunch of weasel wording, but his intent is perfectly clear–he will protect sodomite “priests” at ALL costs:


It AIN’T gonna go away.

Whether or not the law would allow it, if someone were to sexually abuse my children I would KILL them, law be dam.ed!! And of course with juries now being made up of faggots like kol and Carpenter, that would be considered murder.

TOO BAD!!! We cannot leave this in the hands of jew “authorities” or faggot “priests”.

This has gone TOO far. These “priests” and “authorities” can’t even recognize their OWN MORTAL SINS. Solely to protect THEMSELVES, They have redefined mortal sins to be exactly the opposite of what SCRIPTURE commands of us, AND given themselves absolute judicial authority.

John Knight

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