GOP senators in final drive to stall health bill

<<<< It has reached the point where I refuse to help or assist Republicans in any way, shape or form in everyday life.

I hope that’s what Republican leaders wanted.

Poll after poll after poll shows that less than one third of Americans supported obamaniggerbananacare, which means the “republicans” represented TWO THIRDS of us while you “democrats” represent the lowliest, stupidest, futile, hopeless one third who will always be useless eaters and can never contribute a dime to society (much less to the taxes which will fund YOUR health care).

John Knight

CNN: only 36% support obamacare:

CNN Poll: 61% of Americans Oppose Health Care Bill


Philip Klein on 12.10.09 @ 1:37PM

A new CNN

poll is an unmitigated disaster for Democrats.

Among the key findings:

–61 percent now oppose the Senate health care bill, compared to just 36 percent who support it.

–Just 22 percent of Americans say that the proposals would help them/their family

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