Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933-1945

<<<SF: Who told you this? Where are your supporting facts to back this up>>>>

YOU, the easily beguiled whore that prides itself as the world’s greatest internet “researcher” needs HELP to locate these sources–which were already cited??!!

If you couldn’t find them, it’s only because you did not WANT to find them:

John Knight

ps–the country which spends one THIRD as much for “health care” is also the SAME country whose rate of obesity is one TENTH that of the other’s. If spending THIS much money on a public health care system that can’t even fix THAT, then what could possibly be the “benefit” of INCREASING those expenditures????!!!

Indian med students who can’t qualify to enter India’s universities (a country with an IQ of 79) come to the US where they easily are admitted under affirmative action, which makes them even STUPIDER, just as they did obama banana nigger:

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