Unholy Alliances – part1 Israel did 911

Steve wrote:

<<< Christianity is 100% jewish. The only possible exception to this rule would be the early Gnostics. Instead of shunning ancient wisdom and knowledge they embraced it and viewed the teachings of Christ as a complement to other great philosophies such as Zoroastrianism. They saw Christ as just one of many great teachers who has blessed this world. Gnostics were the wealthiest and most cultured of the Christian converts. They refused mosaic law and traditions and viewed them as barbaric. Once Christianity was made the official religion of Rome, and the official Bible was compiled, Gnostics were persecuted and their teachings became viewed as blasphemy. >>>

Steve, what you teach is EXACTLY what jews teach.

You need to pull your head out and understand the HUGE difference between the Talmud (which ALL jews follow, whether they like it or not) and the Torah (the *exact* opposite), which all Israelites or Christians follow.

Both Jesus and Paul CONDEMNED the Talmud (called the Mishnah, or “traditions of the elders” at the time) to the rooftops, which is why the jews killed them:

Jesus replied, "And why do you [ews] break the command of God [Torah] for the sake of your tradition [Talmud]? Matthew 15:3

Making the word of God [Torah] of none effect through your tradition [Talmud], which ye [jews] have delivered: and many such like things do ye [jews]. Mark 7:13

You’re doing the Devil’s work, Steve. Jesus was NOT a jew. Jesus HATED the jews just as much as they HATED Him then, just as much as they HATE Him now, just as much as His Father HATES their Father, Esau:

Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? says the LORD: yet I loved Jacob, but hated Esau; I made his mountains a waste, his heritage a desert for jackals, Malachai 1:3

As it is written: "I loved Jacob but hated Esau," Romans 9:13

John Knight

From: MichiMAC [mailto:MINERVA24@,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2010 5:10 AM
To: Jacob Israel
Subject: Unholy Alliances – part1 Israel did 911

John, here’s "another one "for you!


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