Inaccurate stories. Re: Plot To Kill Hitler

Dear Alex,

Thanks for forwarding this excellent expose of the jews!

<<< Dr. Reznowski also told me in his first call to be about this subject in 1999 ­that eventually that we would find that almost all the top Nazis were part Jewish. I thought at that moment he had gone of the deep end. It appears he will be proved right, though, — with the only exception possibly being Von Papen. Although a lot of this is still up in the air and unproven. >>>

After hearing all my life, including 9 years in Germany, about how the Nazis had killed so many jews, it was a real shock to hear every Russian I ever met in 1 ½ years in Russia make the same claim: the top Nazis, if not ALL of them, were jews (not half jews, which is about like being half a .urd).

It took years for all that to sink in, and once it did, only then could I have understood the magnitude of the jew con game all Christians worldwide have been sucked into:


John Knight

Ps—the role of the dirty jew right now is to distract us sheeple with incessant whining and arm waving about “gay rights” and “health care bills” and “wars” In Iraq so we don’t notice that their other hand is in in our back pocket.

From: Alex James []
Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2010 9:07 AM
Subject: RE: Inaccurate stories. Re: Plot To Kill Hitler


Look beyond the deceptions.

Hitler – The Ultimate Zionist False Flag Operation

Hitler – The Ultimate Zionist
False Flag Operation
By Jim Condit Jr

HITLER — I am going to take a bow for the late, great Dr. Paul Reznowski ­who I referred to at his request as "Ratisbone" in the "The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler" video, now renamed "The Nazi-Zioinist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler" and I also referred to him as "Ratisbone" in the 3 hour radio interview I did with the formidable Christopher Jon Bjerknes (one of the good guys) in May of 2007. The video is free on and in parts, and in condensations on youtube, and is free on CJ Bjerknes’s website, (Christopher has every right to have such a website, as he himself is part Jewish, on his grandpa’s side). The radio interview is also free at a top link on my website:

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