Is John 3:16…?

<<< I find myself precisely in the middle of this friendly dispute. On the one hand, I have proven to myself that Christianity is the twisted spawn of Jewish thinking, a position Phishna articulates better than anyone. On the other hand, I’ve learned that our allies in the struggle are predominantly conscientious and truly thoughtful Christians, who want to help us in the fight for genuine freedom, but are put off and scared by the more radical positions staked out by Phishna and myself.>>>

Kaminski is a Polish name. You need to GO to Poland to grasp just how twisted is the Polish “mind”. If you think Polish jokes are funny, you ain’t seen nuttin’ until you get to Poland.

And this is the only way to explain that it could “have proven to [it]self that Christianity is the twisted spawn of Jewish thinking”.

Jew “thinking” and the Torah, or the First Five Books of the Holy Bible, are *anti-podes*.

Jew “thinking” is derived from the Talmud which is the exact OPPOSITE of the Torah, and is precisely what Jesus condemned as the “traditions of the elders”.

No Christian, and in particular no pure genetic descendant of Jacob, could ever equate what Jesus condemned to their OWN religion, or Christianity, or the Word of God, or the Command of God.

And the Poles scratch their butts and wonder why the Irish no longer WELCOME Poles there (where they already are about 6% of the population??!!

John Knight

From: MichiMAC [mailto:MINERVA24@………..
Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 6:25 AM
To: Jacob Israel
Subject: Fw: Re: Is John 3:16…?

John Knight….

here’s a ‘poser’ for you. .read all the comments, including the names.

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