A letter for healthcare change- sf et al

<<< What pain killer is it that cost $5,000 for each shot???>>>

And what IDIOT here is too *STUPID* to understand that NO “government” could ever afford to pay for such “pain pills”??!!

We’re already so BROKE that Obama banana nigger has to ask the Chinese government if he can borrow $100 million to send it to the Haiti earthquake victims. Don’t forget, they said NO!!!

And you can BET that the Chinese government would ALSO say “NO” to THEIR paying $5,000 for a pain pill for ANY of us honkies, much less latrinos, much less niggers even ONCE, much less all year long:


The above PROVES that government “health care” should be renamed government DEATH care, eh?

John Knight

From: Keith [mailto:onepocketplayer@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2010 10:28 PM
To: sfrenegademanboy@aol.com
Cc: vandoran.heather@yahoo.com; Freelancer514@aol.com; baywife@aol.com; carpbear@sbcglobal.net; ranger116@webtv.net; algae5636@aol.com; beau@gcbussu.com; Sirguy2003@ameritech.net; mferran@nycap.rr.com; JUDYFULLER007@aol.com; vivaveridad@yahoo.ca; alan_b.stard.M.P@westnet.com.au; jk@israeliteidentity.com; whatnowgop@yahoo.com; ChasNemo@aol.com; jmach499@yahoo.com; jimmybug@rocketmail.com; randulf.johan.hansen@c2i.net; evedemian@verizon.net; Murray1833@aol.com; virginiaf.raines@gmail.com; paul_dunk@msn.com; debunks@sbcglobal.net; wakeupwayup@aol.com; jackstoneisright@gmail.com; smithjayr@verizon.net; mrdinga@gmail.com; postherguy@aol.com; sergeantfreedom@hotmail.com; patriot451@aol.com; cougarden@msn.com; jboyle10@aol.com; kolsibir@ml1.net; harleymanfl@cox.net; elliajt@aol.com; dagoodguys@yahoo.com; rockysma1@msn.com; maximus475@cox.net; alexjamesnews2@gmail.com; hogpod22@aol.com; konola@bresnan.net; antgne@aol.com; lfeverest@yahoo.com; blackexilenow@gmail.com; boldsaber@gmail.com; cherif@cherifo.com; cherifasirry@yahoo.com; edpals2@yahoo.com; freddiestaton@gmail.com; hannajaeckel@msn.com; nora22000@sbcglobal.net; phayes9402@comcast.net; predatorbc@aol.com; robjeff@cablespeed.com; sergeantfreedom@gmail.com; vanzorge@optonline.net; wallyny@optonline.net; wolfram1@aaahawk.com; jacklancaster@sbcglobal.net; rgellar000@yahoo.com; colony14@gmail.com; ncooper@indy.rr.com; bbrabant@sault.com; kolaltai@russianmail.com
Subject: Re: A letter for healthcare change- sf et al

What pain killer is it that cost $5,000 for each shot???

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 11:57 PM, <sfrenegademanboy> wrote:

SF: My wife works at a hospital. Just recently my wife obtained a copy of a letter that was sent to the hospital adminstrative staff from a family member whose father had recently been a patient at the hospital. She was asking the hospital adminstrative staff for assistence. The hospital where my wife works at, gets letters like this from people on a regular basis. I share it with you so you can get an idea about how bad our healthcare delivery system has become.

"Just yesterday I couldn’t fill my father’s pain medication – each shot will cost him $5000. His insurance company will only pay for 70%, that means he would have to cough up 825.00 each shot, every two weeks for a total of $21,450 a year. How the hell is someone on a fixed Social Security income suppose to pay for this – that’s more than what he receives? I’m trying to enroll for some grants…I can’t imagine anyone like my father that doesn’t have someone helping out them with this?! This is NOT right…It’s the most helpless feeling to have someone you love dearly in so much pain, and there’s something to help them, but you can’t afford to buy it. Something needs to be done and changed."

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