Got to read this ……….OIL

Well said, Colonel!

Excellent points.

Not too long ago I bought gas in Russia for one PENNY per gallon and in Iran for $0.15 per gallon. I understand the price in Iraq right now is $0.16.

The RETAIL price of shipping a gallon of gas from there to here is LESS than ten cents, yet by the time it gets to the pump here in California it’s $3.10 per gallon.

What do you think happens to that other $2.84, or ONE THOUSAND PERCENT?

According to the government and the oil companies, they each get less than ten percent of it, so where do you believe the other part goes?


John Knight

From: J Richard Niemela []
Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2010 8:01 AM
To: J Richard Niemela
Subject: Fw: Got to read this ……….OIL

FOR ALL>>>What is oil? It is a substance that has become so important to the modern world that wars are fought over it and fortunes have been made and lost in seeking it out, but over the past 80-90 years since large deposits of oil were first located, it has become the basis or avenue of control over the world’s future, economically and politically — to include subsequent dominance of many other historic elements of human life that flow financially and socially, out of the first two! Who would have thought that such an international dependency, such value, would emerge from a substance that has yet to be fully understood as to its source or origin.

Oil and its byproducts have changed the world in a series of steps related to development of its chemical values such that its importance today almost equals that of food and water to humanity — but never is a student of history or economics or even liberal arts, advised of the overwhelming significance of this product to nations of the world and their well-being…Truly a gift to mankind that has been turned into a power lever, an economic sword now being wielded by an international element of society that has quietly achieved such dominion over this product that its value and pricing is adjusted to accommodate increasing dominance over many other aspects of humanity — benefiting a greedy international element that hides in the open, free to perform as masters of the world to come — that they seek to create.

The history of oil began in the early 1900’s when its use by Naval ships in lieu of coal, gave these military forces increased speed and range, self-contained in these ships that enabled power projections to spread far abroad and led to an overlordship of nations sought by those who possessed the most oil, or at least controlled its sources. Those who recognized this source of power, its value, its enabling of military power and dominion, were clever enough to ‘corner the market’ so to speak, of the sources of this product whether regional or international, through clever political, religious and other avenues necessary to achieve the "overlordship" of those nations that possessed oil fields.

Over the ages, and in particular when the Corporate world developed its influences into such a monumental and integrated power structure that it could shape national and international leadership, those individuals who saw how Oil could be used to achieve long sought political and economic power levels, combined and recombined and merged into a massive Corporate control structure that quietly hid "behind the curtain" so to speak, similarly as had been done with other enabling products; gold and diamonds..

Today, control of the world’s oil has been narrowed down to the point that only two major elements of the world’s society dictate how and where and when, oil is supplied to the world and at what price. The two Corporate control groups operate primarily in two separate, but major oil consuming regions, Europe and North America, with the Rockefeller corporate interests dominating North America and a few other lesser regions and the Rothschild corporate world holding sway over the European oil needs and those of associated regions. (1)

While individual corporations associated with Oil seem to perform as independent organizations, they are subject to the dominion of one or the other of the two Corporate power structures who shape the output and pricing of oil on a world wide basis, Europe, being smaller, its distances shorter in relation to those of North America, the pricing of oil in Europe has always been higher than in North America where demand is greater but the pricing lower.

SInce the early 1970’s, the issue of "peak Oil" has been used as a lever of control, in that its supply has been used to retain and increase price levels, as that dual Corporate world manipulated supply to insure that their control of the world’s oil enabled them to shift their focus of dominion into other realms, into the economic and political world…achieving that historic "Overlordship" long sought by the element of society that grew out of the ancient tributes found in Babylon, those of Usury and Fiat Funding or Money Credit. When these ancient qualities were associated with that critical product, Oil, these two Corporate structures, now working together in tandem, rose to such levels that the world now is their oyster….they have ridden and used Oil to power levels found only in Biblical promises to a far more deserving element of society.

Today, the supply of oil is made to appear low, that it has shortages that enable price manipulation, but if the truth be known, there is far more oil available than rightly understood, as the Corporate world has worked behind the scenes to promote environmentalists who seek limitations on drilling, especially off-shore, and in regions which they deem "sensitive", not realizing that they are being used by those who actually own and or control most of the world’s oil..

When the massive oil finds were discovered in Alaska by ARCO, and that subsequent tests there revealed even greater finds, Gull Island for instance, where there is a sufficiency for America’s needs for 200 years, it became apparent to the Corporate world that such massive finds would destablize their pricing structure and flood the world’s market with oil — especially in America. As a consequence, the Rothschild group, principle owners of British Petroleum, bought out the entire Alaskan oil resources of ARCO…and quietly let them deteriorate while pumping the natural gas residue back into the ground, 24 hours/day. No further mention of the Gull Island find or, of other equal finds of oil nearby is ever made known publically. Details of the Alaskan conditions are well documented by a former Chaplain to ARCO, Lindsey Williams. (Google his name)

What follows below is a report on another massive oil find, one which receives little attention from the controlled Media, as it is subordinate to the same Corporate world as is oil. But, further, in a region of the western Rocky mountains, the "Four Corners" region, lands under Federal Ownership, another huge oil find was found, but it too has been stifled and even the Federal government refuses to outline any details of this find…likely due to the political influence of that Corporate Oil world structure.

It would appear that the Federal government has also been so co-opted that they obey the demands of the two Oil Corporate groups..

(1)..See "Rockefeller -Internationalist -The Man Who Misrules the World" by Dr. Emanuel Josephson–check Used Book sources)

J. Richard Niemela


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