jew criminals destroyed USS Liberty

Lifeforce is 100% correct.

We should add that we also had comprehensive satellite surveillance in that area and that Johnson had a blow by blow description of every incident.

John Foster Dulles himself confessed that Johnson WANTED the jews to sink the USS Liberty:

John Knight

From: Lifeforce []
Sent: Saturday, March 13, 2010 7:23 AM
To: Russell Walker; ‘buddy’; ‘Byron Gaar’; ‘Garry Bleeker’; ‘Daniel Johns’; ‘clinton fultz’;; ‘Eli James’;; ‘Giuseppe Clerici’;; ‘Rabbi / Shaliack’; ‘Judith Nipps’; ‘J Richard Niemela’; ‘James Wickstrom’;;; ‘Jeff L. Smith’; ‘MichiMAC’; ‘Dennis Craig’; ‘Wayne’;;
Subject: Re:

Russell: What the Liberty was doing, was also being done by USAF Security Service. The USAF have listening posts all over the Mediterranean basin. They also had two EC-121 Elint aircraft in the air. These electronic intelligence aircraft were monitoring everything that went on in real time. All of the Israeli radio traffic was forwarded to the NSA in real time. The government knew exactly what was happening right from the start. They knew that this was cold blooded murder, AND NOT AN ACCIDENT. That is why so many high ranking naval officers, including Admiral Moorer have said this attack COULD NOT, AND DID NOT, HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT.

Moreover, attacking the Liberty would not cover up the fact that Israel was going to attack in the Golan heights. It would not cover up the fact that Israel was murdering Egyptian soldiers in the Gaza. This information could not be hidden, because the government was collecting this information from NUMEROUS other intelligence sources. The NSA probably knew more about the war plans of the Israeli high command than the field officers who were charged with taking the Golan Heights. I am certain the NSA knew everything ahead of time. There are no secrets.

The reason why "they" attacked the Liberty is simple. And, Captain Ward Boston, the legal counsel for the investigation said it best: "Those Goddam murdering bastards intended to kill everyone on board." And they did intend to do just that. Why? It was another false flag operation to get us into a shooting war with the Egyptians and the Russians. Sound familiar?

Ironically, the best naval architects in the world will tell you that the Liberty should have sunk immediately after it was hit amid ships by a naval torpedo. Nobody to this day can explain why that ship did not sink with all hands. I believe it was an act of God. The fact that it did not sink was a miracle that kept us out of a war which could have gone nuclear…

Sent: Friday, March 12, 2010 6:33 PM

Not my words —

I’ve long known that Israel violently attacked an American ship, the USS Liberty in 1967, and that this was covered up.

What I did NOT know is that this ship could have proved that Israel was not attacked first in their 1967 war, and what I did not know was that the US had a nearby ship that was told to "stand down" during the attack.

The US Air Force was obviously told to stand down, and not intercept the airliners during 9-11, too.

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