<<< Keith says: Mark what do you think about this new gay disease? You better get some of those 6 ply condoms made by Firestone. >>>

AIDS itself has already taken out more than 10 million of these fudgepackers—hallelujah!!

But the MYRBS study shows that as many as 3% of boys in high school who do NOT “identify” as “gay” HAVE had gay sex (mostly raped by faggots like Ken).

What could be more horrible than to NOT be “gay” but die of AIDS because you were raped by a pervert like Ken who has probably given AIDS to a dozen gentile boys who he calls “adopted sons”?

John Knight

Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavioral Survey


"In all, five percent (5%) of students (8% of students who ever had sexual intercourse in their lifetime) could be considered sexual minority youth; that is, they either identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual and/or reported any same-sex sexual contact"

However, two thirds of boys who had sex with males reported that it was "unwilling sex", meaning that 0.87% who "identified as gay" actually had gay sex

"Self-defined sexual orientation and sexual behavior did not always match. More than half( 53%) of students who identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual had never had any same-sex sexual contact. More than half (55%) of students who had same-sex sexual contact identified as heterosexual, and an additional 8% identified themselves as “not sure” of their sexual orientation"

"Three percent (3%) of all students (2% of males, 4% of females) described themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual."

Of the 5% who "identified" as gay or had gay sex:

  1. 37% identified as gay (1.85% of total)
  2. 63% who had gay sex did NOT identify as gay (3.15% of total).
  3. 53% who "identified" as gay had never had gay sex (0.98% of total).
  4. 47% who "identified" as gay DID have gay sex (0.87% of total).

The above crucial and revealing statements were in the 2001 MYBRS report (this link is no longer available, so you can download the entire report here), but not in the 2007 MYRBS report which is available here. The removal of this statement by our educators does not portend well for our children and reveals a hidden agenda which most parents are loathe to face.

There are a number of reasons that gays would be over-represented in this study:

  1. It was conducted in one of the most gay-friendly states, Massachusetts, one of the two states which has legalized gay marriage
  2. Questions about being a "sexual minority" were asked of children who are now taught in that state that being a gay is like being a fairy (double entendre intended).
  3. It was financed by the federal government with the obvious intention of presenting homosexuality in the most positive light possible.
  4. The 0.98% of the responses who identified as gay but had never had sex can be completely discounted, because they’re too young to even know yet, there responses were obviously contrived, and having an actual heterosexual experience is required for them to know anyway.

For this state to be one of only two to legalize gay marriage in the face of 96% of the other states specifically passing laws and even amending state constitutions to ban them, there must be more than the average percentage of gays there to start with. And once that’s known across the country, gays are more likely to move there than, say to Mississippi where 86% of the voters just outlawed gay marriage. These two factors alone could result in gays being over-represented in this study by at least two if not three fold, which means the percent of Americans nationwide who identify as gay is most likely between 0.29% to 0.44%.

CDC estimates that gays and others in this category represent 72% of all AIDS cases, which would mean that gays are 163 to 248 TIMES as likely as others to get AIDS.

If there are communities or states where 0.87% identify as gay, and the average is conservatively 0.44%, then there must be communities or states where the average is 0.00%, or NO gays. By comparison, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report notes that in 1994, black male youths between the age of 18-24 committed murder at the rate of 380 per 100,000, which is 0.38% of this demographic group. iow, the percentage of black murderers in this demographic group exceeds the AVERAGE percentage of gays in most states and communities, and is only slightly lower than in Massachusetts (0.38% vs. 0.87%)

If the court throws out this legitimate democratic public mandate to outlaw gay marriage, then the logical and inevitable next step is to legalize murder by black youths. There would no longer be any logical Constitutional argument against it.

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From: Keith uwhunter

Mark explains why he would not stick his tongue up Mac’s ass: I would not want to wake up and find myself infected with recombinant e.coli with herpes or e.coli with gonorrhea or syphilis after coming in contact with your fanny!

Keith says: Mark what do you think about this new gay disease? You better get some of those 6 ply condoms made by Firestone.


A New ‘Gay Disease’?

A drug-resistant strain of staph is infecting some gay men, but experts say a lot of the media coverage got it wrong.


I know I wouldn’t want to put MY tongue on YOUR posterior, Mac. (only on Andrew’s sphincter)

It was bad enough that DNA from e.coli combined with DNA from salmonella to produce e.coli:157, but who knows WHAT the e.coli on your sphincter has combined with — and I’m sure NO ONE would want to wake up and find themselves infected with recombinant e.coli with herpes or e.coli with gonorrhea or syphilis after coming in contact with your fanny!

(Here’s a hint: wash your sex toys after you share them with someone else.)


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