No “hate crime” prosecutions to protect “White” victims?

Faggot Mark Carpenter, representing the LESS than 1% of this putative Christians who are faggots, whiiiiiiiines and LIES with:

<<<I guess that explains why I, as a socialist, believe the rights of the individual >>>

No, FAGGOT MARK, what you “believe” is that an extremist minority of CRIMINAL whiners like you can IMPOSE your faggotry on the OTHER 99% of us, with IMPUNITY.

YOU CANNOT DO THAT. You don’t believe in the rights of the “individual”, because you OBVIOUSLY AND CLEARLY AND VEHEMENTLY AND CRIMINALLY seek to DENY that FIRST AMENDMENT right from the OTHER 303 MILLION of us “individuals”.

To use your vernacular:

“.UCK YOU!!!”

John Knight

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