hate crime in the pool hall tonight – whatsnot et al

<<< Keith says: And if we vote with our brains we won’t make that mistake again! >>>

The problem, Keith, is that WE did not make that choice nor mistake—the man who runs the jews who control our media made that choice for us when HE decided that we had a “choice” only between two losers, obama and mccain, who never ever got more than 1% of the vote in the pre-election debates:


It’s really important to remember that!

John Knight

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Subject: Re: hate crime in the pool hall tonight – whatsnot et al

Whatsnot says: Barack Obama, who will be the nations first African-American president, won the largest share of white support of any Democrat in a two-man race since 1976 amid a backdrop of economic anxiety unseen in at least a quarter-century, according to exit polls by The Associated Press and the major television networks.

Keith says: And if we vote with our brains we won’t make that mistake again!

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