95% agree: sodomy is an emotional disorder

State and Federal Referendums

1. DOMA became Public Law 104-199 on September 21, 1996.

2. 35 states have marriage recognition statutes.

3. Focus On The Family reports 35 states have already passed DOMA laws.

4. Even Liberals at ABC News report that "The drive for gay marriage has prompted a clear backlash. The federal government and 30 states have adopted laws to ensure they will not have to recognize same-sex unions."

5. The even more More Liberal Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance Reports "As of early 2002, about 25 states have enacted ‘Defense of Marriage Acts‘ (DOMAs) that ban same-sex marriage. Another six have similar legislation pending. During 2000-MAR, 61% of California voters supported Proposition 22, which defined marriage as being restricted to between one man and one woman."

6. Three quarters of Texans give sodomites the BOOT!!!

7. CNN: 86% of Mississippi voters ban gay marriage.

8. 53.4% of Colorado voters ban gay marriage with Amendment 1.

9. 61% of New York Senators Ban Gay Marriage.

10. 69% of Hawaii voters ban gay marriage.

11. 68% of Alaska voters ban gay marriage.

12. 63% of California voters ban gay marriage with Proposition 22.

13. Vermont voters kick out politicians who supported gay marriage and banned them with an initiative.

14. 70% of Nebraska voters ban gay marriage with Initiative 416.

15. 69.4% o Nevada voters ban gay marriage with a constitutional amendment.

16. Voters in Maine rejected Question 6 which would have legalized gay marriage.

17. 76% of Texas voters passed Proposition 2 to ban gay marriage.

Sodomy Polls

1. The WorldnetDaily poll confirmed that less than 6% think gays should be included in the GOP, and less than 1% favor "gay" marriages.

2. The Be Counted poll confirmed that only 9% believe that "homosexual" marriages [read: sodomy] should be given the same legal standing as heterosexual marriages".

3. The General Social Survey reports that 71% believe that "gay sex is always wrong", up from only 67% in 1977.

4. The Statistical Handbook of the American Family: 86% believe that sodomy is "always wrong" or "almost always wrong".

5. Fathers’ Manifesto survey of women who lie: 70% oppose legalization of sodomy.

6. New York Magazine: 66% OPPOSE the legalization of sodomite "marriages".

7. Two thirds of Californians vote to BAN sodomy.

8. Two thirds of Hawaiian and Alaskan voters ban sodomite "marriages", the only two states in which courts have held that same-sex couples have a right to "marry," voters in both states in November overwhelmingly passed state constitutional amendments to reserve the legal status of marriage to unions between one man and one woman.

9. Vermont lawmakers who supported sodomy get the BIG FAT BOOT!!

10. Field Poll: 55% favor initiatives to BAN sodomy.

11. Vote.com: 53% favor an Constitutional Amendment to BAN "gay marriages" [read: illegal, amoral, and sinful sodomy], and 68% oppose "gay marriages".

12. Howard W. Odum Survey: 71.6% in Kentucky oppose legalization of sodomy.

13. Pascoe Poll: only a third of Vermont’s voters want sodomy "legalized".

14. Harris Poll: 83% oppose same-sex marriage.

15. Vote.com: 72% oppose same sex marriage.

16. Decision Research: 49% of California voters oppose "same-sex marriages".

17. Salvation Army rescinds "domestic partner benefits".

18. Churches give sodomites the boot.

19. American jewish Committee: 87% of jews want sodomy legalized.

20. The biased Gallup Organization asked the wrong question and got the "right" answer: 83% believe sodomites should have "equal rights".

21. Gay forum: only 48% of gays want to boycott the Salvation Army for upholding Christian principles.

Canadian sodomy polls & opinions:

1. Only 40% of Canadians agree "gay marriages" should be recognized.

2. Only 28% of Canadians want to let sodomites into the ministry.

3. "a 1988 survey of first-year college students under 25 indicated that 98% were heterosexual; 1% bisexual; and 1% homosexual. (Source: King, et al. Canada, Youth and AIDS Study, Kingston, Ontario: Queen’s University.)"

  1. Justices Affirm Ban on Homosexual Conduct at Christian University British Columbia College of Teachers must accredit Trinity Western University, says Canada’s Supreme Court.

John Knight

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Subject: Fwd: antigay bigotry is an emotional disorder

· Is Bigotry a Mental Illness? – Psychiatric Times

by R Pies – 2007 – Cited by 1Related articles
Psychiatric Times – Psychiatry, Depression, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Information, …. Vedantam S. Psychiatry ponders whether extreme bias can be an illness.

Is Bigotry a Mental Illness? – Psychiatric Times
May 1, 2007 "extreme racial bias," and "pathological bias."

Is Bigotry a Mental Illness? – Psychiatric Times
"racial paranoia," "extreme racial bias," and "pathological bias."

More results from psychiatrictimes.com »

· Bias disorder – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bias disorder, also known as extreme bias disorder, is a mental condition Psychiatric Times 24 (6), http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?
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· Bias disorder – Psychology Wiki

Bias disorder, also known as extreme bias disorder, is a mental condition Psychiatric Times 24 (6), http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?
psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Bias_disorder – Cached

· Psychiatric Times

Carried to an extreme, we find terms like “vermin” applied to ethnic or religious …. But as Alan Stone, MD concluded in his article for Psychiatric Times, ….. Congratulations to Dr Alan A. Stone for taking the time to nail the bias
psychiatrictimes.blogspot.com/ – CachedSimilar

· Psychiatry Ponders Whether Extreme Bias Can Be an Illness …

Dec 9, 2005 Psychiatry Ponders Whether Extreme Bias Can Be an Illness …. At those times, she reported in a case study, the patient would say, "I know,

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