German Jews have existed since at least the early 4th century.: why are they genociding Palestine?

<<< Out of the 25 jews I know fairly well, 25 support the zionists no matter what they do. I’ve seen them sitting around in my favorite bars and heat them talking that it’s all about Israel.

So if I support Charles Manson – I deserve the blame.>>>

These utter moral minors WORSHIP “rabbi” Baruch Goldstein, whose only “contribution” to humanity was to MURDER 40 people in cold blood, and have his own mother be PROUD of him for it:

Charles Manson would NEVER have thought of any such thing. And all he ever did THINK about, supposedly, is murdering a FEW people, and we don’t even know if he actually even did THAT.

If you worship Charles Manson, you’re about a BILLION times less of a sinner in the Eye of God than ANY jew who worships Goldstein, which they ALL do!!

John Knight

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